In 2008/2009 I decided to lose some weight so I joined a gym. For about a year and a half I was doing very well. I had managed to lose about 45 pounds and ran in two half-marathons. Sadly however, due to certain circumstances I put all that weight back on and am back to 230 pounds, just shy of my original weight of 235 pounds. That was a hard sentence to write, but, that is going to change. Starting today I am going to eat healthier and work out more often. In fact, I’ve already been to the gym today and it felt good. One thing I’ve found though is I need to really work on my cardio. I can’t run at the same speeds as I used to. With that, I’m setting three goals for myself:

1. Lose a total of 30 pounds  by Christmas – 182 days remaining.

2. Lose a total of 50 pounds by April 2013 – 280 days remaining.

3. Run a full marathon by July 2013 – 371 days remaining.

You can also help me reach my goals if you see me out-and-about by letting me know if I’m about to make a bad food decision or just by giving a few words of encouragement.

Finally, I hope to be held accountable by publicly journaling my weight loss journey, so if you see me slacking off please let me know. Thank you in advance. Only 50 pounds to go.